Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to build the perfect robot

To build the perfect robot you must learn things will give you the ability to create it so the first thing is 

1.Mechanics: mechanics are really important thing that you will need to complete your robot because most of robots depend on it on it's work function as example on moving robot arm,gripper,head,legs it depend on motor and gears and motor and gears depend on mechanics and that why you must learn; gears are not only things you will use there is lots items you will use but gears are the most used thing on mechanics so you must know it's motion and length due to each gear has it's own function and gears is deffer than each other in : speed,radius ,weight , number of teeth  , position and it's shape and each one it's own face thickness that control on the speed on rotation and force done and there is many kinds on gears like worm,supr,bevel,and more and here you example:

2.Physics: what is physics?it is the science that concerned with the studying of all physical and universal phenomena and understand how this things worked all it's phases and all conditions, if you asking me how would physics help me? i answer you
mechanics are depend on physics in fact ever thing depend on physics any way so you must learn lot's of basic physical quantities as :speed,force,energy,time,power,work and lots of it with it's symbols and unit it really helps for example if you want to make robot carry some thing you must know it's weigh and how much force needed to carry it and how much work done that will cost energy and know how much time does it take to carry it and i soon will give you a map for it and i will post it.

3.Electronics: if you want to make robot you must first learn it because it give you the ability to control by dealing with chips,boards,reseto,and lots of electronic part each has it;s own voltage and electric charge and resistance and the most simple board and famous board you can deal with it is Arduino board give you the control of robot and it is easy to program by USB cable and to make sure you are professional on electronics you must know most know three things :

  • Current intensity(I) : measured by Ampere, rule :I=Q/T (T is time, Q is quantity of charge)
  • Potential difference(V) : measured by Volt, rule :V=W/Q (W is work )
  • electric resistance(R) :measured by Ohms, rule : R=V/I
and  i will make blog about this because this is long,you need too to learn the most famous laws like Ohm's law and also electronics is the only way to can program the robot , you have to learn more about power type direct or alternating current as example of it's source :

          direct :electronic cell (dry cell or battery
         alternative : dynamo
As you are using dry cell or battery you must know the connection of the cells not any arrangement so there is two famous connection parallel and series :
so  series  connection give you more voltage but also  parallel connection make the battery live longer.

4.Programing: using chips and board do nothing until you programming it only way to use board so to move any thing on robot you must program it to do what you want so you must learn the programing language some language are easy and other are not and also some board come with programing program like Arduino

5.Creativity: this is the most important thing you must learn  or you can say it is not thing able to learn  it is Acquired so using your skills and creativity and imagination is better than 50 years learning there is simple robot are better than high cost and too Complex due to it made out creativity so i hope you like this blog and i will post more about i have taking about that is not already done because it take mush time so thanks for reading this and i hope you follow me for getting more information

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