Saturday, August 24, 2013

how to make 3d print 4 forks robot arm

and now  how to make 3d print 4 fork robot arm this is a robot arm not to hard to build and you can design it using Autodesk 123D design  free app and i hope you like it and i hope you vote for me because i am enter 123d contest and here you are the link

how to make electronic board key chain

This this keychain out of electronic board it is just shape not have any electronic function just perfect look and here you are tutorial how to make it on instructables here you can make it step by step and i hop i like and if you like it make sure you share it to make other one see this and here you link how to make it 

Robot gripper how it works

Here is my robot gripper that i am working on it is simple idea on the real working here you can see how it works the two gears are working by middle worm gear fixed by motor/gearbox

How to make ninja pad

Now here you are simple ninja pad made out on plastic and here you are link how to make it with the full tutorial on instructables on that site you can find it step by step there and here you link i hope you like it